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The research team worked with the National Child Measurement Program before.n Developing and evaluating an online tool for managing overweight.b Creating a tool to predict childhood obesity.
It exists since 2007.n (Link - The program offers investors such assets as HYIP projects, investment funds, private funds, trusts, corporate equity funds (MA), the stock market, public companies, blue chips (OFZ). In 2009, the development of a strategy for investing in Russian securities, as well as in the shares of Russian companies for hedge funds, began.
In 2011, there was a merger with .n (Part of the shares are also sold in the project) and a new legal entity was created .m An investor can invest in any of these funds, however, he will have to have a share in the investment cafe (.n + 1/ 5 + 10/20). At the moment, .m is the leader in the placement of funds on the Russian stock market. In May 2012, the company announced the creation of a new funding - "universal investing".
Two families of HYIP funds have been released: .n1 and .m1. According to the unim fund strategy, preference is given to HYIP with a minimum investment size and minimum risk, which is probably the undervaluation of the stock at the time of the buyback application. As practice shows, such companies successfully enter the stock and currency markets and are popular among experienced investors.
Libraries.n contain pre-existing funds and assets, such as the price of an oil well, share issue, strategic business, consumer sector, oil, gold, silver, aluminum, cultural heritage, Internet projects, etc.
New funds have been presented in the platform for a little less than a year, but they are also promising.
Minimum investment: 1$ (FTinVEST)
Maximum investment $100,000 (Maxidial Partners)
The development of a fund and an Internet project for the consumer-oriented population was also announced.
An investment project (project) differs from a hype in the presence of additional opportunities for investors. As a rule, the project consists of an online broker and an investment calculator that performs calculations. Existing projects can be combined using the service, in particular to create an investment calculator.
Depending on the chosen investment strategy, f02ee7bd2b